Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2012

Coptic Demonstrations in Houston-USA coz Muslims kill Nag Hammadi Christians in Egypt.

thecopticmartyrs asked:

Themassacre of Christians in the Nag Hammadi-Egypt Coptic Christians killed 8 in the Church of St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church at the hands of Muslim militants by machine guns in the Christmas 6 January 2010:

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  1. silverlemniscate says:

    Mursi is now having Christians crucified, pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are the precious suffering martyrs in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  2. Serge1965 says:

    You are 100% right, our real enemies are right under our noses, the freemasonry is one sick puppy religion that we have to watch very closely

  3. UnoRaza says:

    The Freemasons are again stoking the flames of hate around the world.

    Be certain of the identities of your attackers as English and Israelis have been faking Muslims attacks for DECADES; sometime using real, but brainwashed/mind controlled Muslims.

  4. pureheart2003 says:

    +++R.I.P Coptic Martyrs who were Murdered on 7/1/2010 & All other Copts who were killed in Egypt (their Homeland) by the Coward muslim ‘Occupiers’, throughout the Dark history of Islamic OCCUPATION of Egypt.
    May GOD Expell Islam & Muslims from All of Egypt Very Soon.
    I also Pray that All the Coward muslim Murderers of All the Noble Coptic Martyrs be brought to Justice in Egypt or Outside or by a US Rocket (I Pray that All Collateral Damage will be Non-Christian, Amen.+++

  5. TheCatholicnproud says:

    God protect our Christian Brothers & Sisters from worldwide persecution.

    Our Day Will Come +

  6. NoorminAllah says:

    Pray for Ruba Qewar who’s jordanian family tried to kill her when she became muslim. Pray for the whole family of coptic christians who embraced islam. Their video is on youtube
    I am a syrian/american who became muslim after reading the Quran at the age of 15. And I use to live in houston

  7. cat1012000 says:

    Pray for our brothers & sisters in Christ… and pray for religious freedom throughout the world.

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