Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2012

Coptic Orthodox Liturgy by Fr. Mauritius Part 2-10.mp4

mauritius29 asked:

This Coptic Orthodox English Liturgy was celebrated by Fr. Mauritius Anba Bishoy at the Heavenly Cathedral Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt. Filmed by Aghaby Christian TV on September 2009.

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  1. striker78900 says:

    no they don’t have to be under pope, you said that, I wasn’t postulated it with question at all. just curious. anyway it’s real nice liturgy. stay well fellow christian.

  2. 02kazak says:

    this is oriental orthodox..anyways, just becuase a church uses western paintings, do they have to be under Pope? O.o btw what statues r u tlking abt??

  3. striker78900 says:

    why is then western pictures and statues excatly like in catholic church and not orthodox icons ?

  4. 02kazak says:

    this is orthodox, not catholic

  5. striker78900 says:

    beautiful liturgy. God bless all us Catholics!

  6. Menechem says:

    High Priest, I thought the LORD Yeshua was our High Priest (according to Scripture)? You are going against Sacred Scripture if you believe any different!

  7. daw0od says:

    interesting fact: the hymn that was chanted at the beginning of this clip SOO.. is actually a lullaby which the virgin St Mary the mother of God used to sing to our lord Jesus Christ to put him to sleep when he was a baby…

  8. luvpinas123 says:

    @austriaheute uy bisaya di.ay ka? taga-asa man ka di.ay?

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