Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2012

The Looney Tunes Show episode 13 to bowl or not to bowl part 1

Ben Tennyson asked:

daffy duck is going to bowling tournament he has the team members and he is the captain of the team and he saying lie to bugs bunny that he is going for singing class

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  1. zigaudrey says:

    Pause at 3:53 The third of the board score is Marvin the Marvin and it’s Daffy Duck who shoot the bowling ball and make him some score!And the martian is happy!
    5:22 lol
    Speaking of black ball,hum…

  2. gabe3155 says:

    Who scratches your friends car

  3. gabe3155 says:

    Porky the POO

  4. lollylip10 says:

    Porky I’ve Changed My Mind You’re Player 4! Hahahahaha Priceless

  5. 897sparks says:

    So you upload part one but not the end?

  6. DarkShadowFilms101 says:

    For some reason, Pete makes me laugh! LOL!
    Also, the whole bathroom scene is hysterical. Thanks for the upload!

  7. TheKatCaty says:

    daffy-do you have any fours?
    Bugs-daffy were playign chest

  8. misstyswensen07 says:

    i was wrong u know
    i also love Marvin

  9. misstyswensen07 says:

    come on seriously daffy is

  10. preethyanoop12 says:

    awesome video

  11. Morgan Pipkin says:

    Terry kinda lookes like peck from ghostbusters

  12. mariasoenksen says:

    I love this episoide mostly cause it has Marvin in it. “The Marvinator”

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